Sunday, April 29, 2012

My District

Our District

Elder McCulloch, Elder Mills, Elder John, Sister Newman, Sister Lio, Elder Chlarson, Elder Steltzer, and Elder Cosman

Let me introduce you:

Elder Dillon McColloch: age 19, bday 12/18/92. He's the baby of our bunch, but he is our dearest district leader. He doesn't know why he got the calling because "our other Elders could do a better job". Sometimes he forgets to tell us till the last minute. He has a good heart and we know he loves us. Some of our Elders don't always get along so well, but this Elder has a very calming effecxt on tough situations. He is wonderful. And, he could listen to Christmas music all year round. Ahhhh. hmmmm. (just think of my funny, calm smile 'cause that's the face I'm making). His family isn't sealed, but he knows they will be someday. He has a girl waiting for him in his hometown, Cache Valley, Utah, just minutes from Teenies' school. But I don't think it will be too long before he gets a beautifully written Dear John letter. she was starting to get serious with another guy.

Elder Mills:  This kid is very kind, but extremely shy. He is very smart, but doubts himself. It is so great when he helps Elder John with doing things on his own. Elder Mills steps in and reminds him that they are suposed to be working together. At first they didn't get along, but now they know what to do & not to do. This Elder is 19 and from Magna, Utah. He cracks some pretty good jokes. And he enjoys a good strength workout.

Elder Michael John: 19 from Guam. He is so funny. He is always making me laugh about one thing or another. He really misses his home and family. His love of the gospel is incredible, but his actions to his kasama sometimes deny this. But he loves us and we know it. It is totally boal, but he got bored one day when we were doing tall language study and he started braiding my hair. I didn't stop him so, my bad. I had to repent, and it won't happen again, but we were honestly not thinking. BTW he always has a comb in his hair. His favorite words to say no matter if they make sense where he puts them or not are: pero (but), bakit (why), ano (what), & dahil (because). He is one funny dude. He also enjoys volleyball.

Sister Lio: Who's first name I can't say or spell but her birthday is Nov. 21, 1990. she is sweet and calm. She gets very frustrated with the language and would rather speak her native Samoan. We get along pretty well and are having fun being companions.

Elder Clayton Chlarson: Pronounce Klarson (the h is silent). He is 19 from Payson, Arizona. He gets very emotional when he feels the spirit. Much like me. He cries when we sing a song he likes or when we see the Sunday films. He has turned our group of boys into a group of loving gentlemen who stand up when we walk into the room. And who take our trays at meals. He always apologizes when an inappropriate comment is made like "triple coil" and such (explanation coming soon). He loves to pray and share spiritual thoughts every chance he gets. He enjoys poetry and recites for us at times. He gets off task quite easily if others start talking about music or movies, but it isn't hard to refocus him. And he loves the Monkees!

Elder Barton Steltzer: 22 years old from Idaho Falls, Idaho. Parents are converts and he decided he wanted to bless others lives like his parents lives were blessed. He fixes things mechanically engineery type stuff, he rides horses as a hobby, and hates Christmas music with a passion (and, yes, I did almost cry when he said that today). I wanted to slap some sense into him but don't worry, I stayed my hand. He just finished the Book of Mormon for the first time 2 days ago and has been glowing from the testimony of it ever since. He finds the language difficult but continues to work hard, always encouraging us to remember we were called of God to do this and if we do our part God will do His. We all need this nearly twice a day and he gives us a great dose.

Elder Jonathan Cosman: is 20 from Cananda, aye! Nubrunswick, Canada. he is funny. Really cool. surprisingly spiritual. and at times, nasty. When he has to go #2 he says, "Kasama, I gotta go triple coil" or  "quadruple coil" or "release the kraken". It makes us laugh everytime, but it is still nasty. He has a girl he has dated for almost 2 years waiting for him. they want 8 kids and he wants to run his own landscaping business. He is the best in our whole district with sentence structure. He figures it out very quickly. also, he enjoys singing and he is very good at it too. He should sing at a fireside or something. he shared a spiritual thought today that made me realize he truly does have a testimony.

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