Sunday, November 25, 2012

weekly bad boy of goodness aka the weekly email

 Sorry you will be getting your Christmas cards early the way the mail is set up is a joke I can either send it Wednesday or at transfers and if I send it at transfers I risk it not getting there in time, so just have patience and don't open them till Christmas. I hope you enjoy them. I have hand cramps now. I am excited to skype with everybody! WOOHOO.

Not much has happened except I made an awesome Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday.
I am kinda amazing now. And I accidentally told our recent converts that we eat lamok (mosquitoes) instead of manok (chicken) We have been laughing about it every since. And I am still so embarrassed.
Temple Tour was awesome. I always get so nervous and then I realize there is not a single reason to be afraid. I just need to have fun and love these people for coming to visit the house of the Lord and my mouth will be filled with the words I need to speak. It was filled, and it was so fun. I was in the shade most of the time we were there, but when we got back, just on our walk home I got a sunburn because BALIUAG IS SO HOT!!! And the sun just sears down on us. It is ridiculous.
I will send pics because this email is so short, but just know I love you all. You are great! The gospel is true and there is nothing in the whole world like the experience of being a missionary. A representative of Jesus Christ.

Sister Brittany Nichole Newman

Nov 14 (11 days ago)

(Sorry everyone, I got a little bit behind. JulieAnn)

Oh yes mom another week has come and gone and I just spend the morning at the temple and after that at the hospital getting tests done for my tummy because I told Sister Sperry that it was still bothering me. So she set me up an appointment with the doctor and he sent me to the hospital for the tests. This week has been really great actually. I love my new companion so much. We laugh so much everyday and she never ever makes me cry with the things she says and we talk to so many people and I get this strange thrill. I think I'll call her the queen of companions and say "God save the queen"! I am scared but afterwards I just giggle because it was such a cool or weird experience. I am jealous of your snow, but I think I will be ok. Thanks for being amazing and actually remembering my birthday at all and for taking the time to send me a gift. I know you are way too busy for your own good, so I am very grateful. I love you very much mom and will tell you some of the things that have happened this week and you can create a post for the blog.

So one of our companionship goals for our whole time together however long that may be is to OYM one giant house everyday. And it is so scary and fun. On Monday we were in our farthest area and I was looking at the ground when all of a sudden I remembered our goal and looked up and to the right and something said that gray house right down there is the big house that you have to go to today....okay, I got it, you don't have to be anymore clear with me... I told Sister Loreto and we decided to go down that way right after our appointment with Sister Carmen.

At Sister Carmens house her neighbors were having a drinking party so went to have our lesson inside...AND HER BROTHER IN LAW!!!! Drunk as can be kept coming in and telling me he loved me. I love you. Mahal kita. Then he said, "No hustle I love you bilang kapatid." Ok brother, you love me as a sibling but you are freaking me out so get out of here before my companion whacks you with her quad. Of course I didn't say that but we finished the lesson and walked to this big house and I got really nervous and giggly and we said "Tao po!" AND THEY LET US RIGHT IN!?!?!?! And the woman(sister Amy) sent up with us to come back Saturday. Then...I gave her a Book of Mormon...I never give a Book of Mormon on the first visit.

Except to Brother Rey who we met on the street who was surprised that I know Tagalog and wanted to learn more about what we had to share. And he wants to read the Book of Mormon to know what it is and if it could be true or not. WHAT!?!?

Being a missionary is so cool and I love every minute of it even though it is hard. And even though my stomach might be an idiot. I love what I am doing and I am so excited that I will be able to do it for almost another year. And I am so grateful for the amazing support system I have at home of friends and family. All of them! I feel your prayers for me and I pray for you. This is Gods work and I am lucky to be a part of it. I hope that each of you allow the Savior and His atonement to change you. I want you to know it can only change you if you give your will over to Him willingly and completely. None of the bite the bullet attitude, or because it is my duty. Make His will your will and you will be changed. I love you!!!!!! Smile!

Sister Brittany Nichole Newman

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Family, friends, and to whomever else it may concern,
There are some days when I wake up in the morning or I am walking down the streets or teaching at the temple that I realize something that makes me all giggly. It is the fact that I am a missionary. Not only that, but a missionary half way around the world from my home. A MISSIONARY HALF WAY AROUND THE WORLD IN THE PHILIPPINES! Teaching people in Tagalog, a language I didn't know existed a year ago. And I am really loving it. Of course I am still struggling with the language and understanding people, but I see it getting better everyday. I actually experienced a miracle on Saturday. We were temple tour guides at the baptisms for the dead station and I didn't know what I was supposed to say, but my mouth was filled and it all turned out really well, and people understood and I understood them, it was so cool.
And this email is going to be really short because I am really sick. Earlier today I was thinking, "I scream for ice cream" .... Well I ate ice cream. Don't eat ice cream when it doesn't feel like ice cream on your tongue. Even if it is good. IT is NOT worth it. I am just hoping I don't have a Philippines missionary moment right here in this crowded computer shop.
Basta! Whatever happens know that I love you all and I am basking in the fact that I am a missionary and I can't believe how fast the time is passing. I need to make the best of it!



Sister Brittany Nichole Newman