Sunday, November 11, 2012


Family, friends, and to whomever else it may concern,
There are some days when I wake up in the morning or I am walking down the streets or teaching at the temple that I realize something that makes me all giggly. It is the fact that I am a missionary. Not only that, but a missionary half way around the world from my home. A MISSIONARY HALF WAY AROUND THE WORLD IN THE PHILIPPINES! Teaching people in Tagalog, a language I didn't know existed a year ago. And I am really loving it. Of course I am still struggling with the language and understanding people, but I see it getting better everyday. I actually experienced a miracle on Saturday. We were temple tour guides at the baptisms for the dead station and I didn't know what I was supposed to say, but my mouth was filled and it all turned out really well, and people understood and I understood them, it was so cool.
And this email is going to be really short because I am really sick. Earlier today I was thinking, "I scream for ice cream" .... Well I ate ice cream. Don't eat ice cream when it doesn't feel like ice cream on your tongue. Even if it is good. IT is NOT worth it. I am just hoping I don't have a Philippines missionary moment right here in this crowded computer shop.
Basta! Whatever happens know that I love you all and I am basking in the fact that I am a missionary and I can't believe how fast the time is passing. I need to make the best of it!



Sister Brittany Nichole Newman 

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