Sunday, October 28, 2012

 Missionary work is hard sometimes but the show must go on!



I got the package and I am so grateful for every bit of it! I almost cried I was so happy, but one thing you need to include again is ibuprofen. I need lots of it and I don't want to risk running out. I got the package yesterday and the best part about it was all the letters inside. They made me feel so good and so very happy! I love you all so much and I am grateful that you thought of me and took time to do that. I have a favor to ask. There is one Elder in my Zone, he is from China(he was converted in Hong Kong) He doesn't ever get much mail at all so I was wondering it maybe you could send him a letter or something to cheer his spirits. Maybe you could ask Garrett to as well. His name is Elder Wu, and just a note saying that he is doing an excellent job and the Lord is proud of his work and that you as members are grateful too. I don't know, just a quick something. If you want. I know you are way busy so don't feel obligated, I just thought it would help lift a burden. So if you find time that would be great.
The Roque family was baptized! It was so incredible and the spirit was so strong.
 I am so grateful that I got to see their conversion and be part of it. Their testimonies blow me away. I also got to sing How Great Thou Art. I told them it was my testimony in a song and I DIDN"T EVEN SOUND LIKE A GOAT!!! I just put all my heart into it, because it truly has become my testimony. I am so happy that I am a missionary. Honestly it is so hard! So hard! And sometimes I almost want to give up, but then we have moments with people like this and the hard times don't seem so hard anymore. It makes it all worth it. And the spirit we felt when they were confirmed was beyond description.
We have another baptism this Saturday. Her name is Melanie and it has taken her a long time to get to this point, but she is fully converted. You can hear it in her testimony and see it in her countenance. She has asked me to sing at her baptism too but I don't know what to sing. Probably How Firm a Foundation. That would be a good one and it is so special to me as well. I love music and I am glad people enjoy it when I sing. It makes me feel really good.
We went to the temple today, which, as always, was incredible and I enjoyed every minute of it.
We didn't make it to the first session, but it worked out just fine. I am having an enjoyable day with my companion. We are going to go shopping after this and then make a dessert to take to our first FHE with the Roque family.
Sister de la Cruz was sick most of last week so our work was not fantastic, but it was still enjoyable for the most part. It really picked up this week with us working better as a team. Our leaders are really pushing us to open our mouths and talk to everyone. Last week and on several other occasions sister de la cruz has just picked someone and said ok you go talk to them. This really frustrates me because if I don't do it the way she thinks it should be done she gets angry and won't talk to me. Well, I told her that and she didn't even realize that she did that. And these past two days I have just initiated conversations with people. I feel so uncomfortable doing it, but we made a goal and I need to do my part or I can't blame her for being upset with me. AND DON"T TAKE THIS THE WRONG WAY! Don't think she is awful. She is really great. I am just stubborn and still learning. I would get frustrated being my companion.
I will have you all know I gave another talk on Sunday. This was about unity in the branch and the need for home and visiting teachers.
To end I just want to tell you all how grateful I am for eternal families. I am glad that the sealing power is on the earth again, and I am glad we get to have our families with us forever if we remain worthy. I am grateful to know that to start a family right you start it by being a forever couple. And if you don't start that way you can make it that way. I hope everyone will think about the infinite love and goodness our Heavenly Father has shown for us and that each of us will remain worthy of His blessings.
Sister Brittany Nichole Newman

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