Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sorry everyone if this email is short but I don't have much time and it is about as hot as Draco Malfoy in this computer shop, man, I tell you what.  So my apologies.   We had tons of people at church yesterday it was so amazing it is nice to see people acting on their faith.  The baptism for the Roque family is still on for the 20th they have made their decision and they are sticking to it.  They are such a great family and they love the gospel.  It is fun to share with them because they actually listen and they read their assignments and pray.  We both love them very much.  This week I will be sending my family pictures in the mail and my mom can put them up when she receives them....there are not pics of the family but someday there will be.
   I sang for one of our RC mom because my companion said I have a good voice.  Sister  Dori loved it and her compliments really boosted my confidence.  Even though this week has been really hard and I have been really sick I have seen so many miracles and tender mercies from heaven.  There has not been a day when we had to stay home.  There almost was on 3 occasions but prayers and blessings prevailed.  I know that Heavenly Father looks out for and takes care of his missionaries.
   On October 3rd I woke up with no voice and on the 6th I sang at a funeral in our branch.  That was a cool experience and I was nervous but it went very well and I was grateful to be able to serve their family that way.
   October 2nd was an amazing day full of miracles and laughs.  We taught tons of lessons and we just worked very well together.  I was grateful for it.  I really love all the people here.  My Grandma is right when she says the more people you have to love the greater your capacity to love.  That is so true.  I can see it everyday.
   My companion is looking out for me.  We bought balot the other day and we were going to both eat it but then Sister said with the way my stomach was that I probably shouldn't.  That she had a really bad feeling about it.  So she ate hers and I opened mine and fed it to the neighbors dog.  We call him our dog because he is so cute and he guards our house but we can't have pets so we just claim him.
   Well this really is short, but I have to go.  We have lots more to get done.  But remember to read the Book of Mormon.  Make it a part of who you are.
    I love you all very much.  Thank you to all those who wrote emails.  I loved them and I am so grateful for them.  Keep working hard everyone.
Sister Brittany Nichole Newman

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