Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dear Daddy,

I just wanted to tell you that we had an emergency meeting where Elder Brent H Nielson came and interviewed missionaries and took those who didn't want to be exactly obedient home. It was an excellent meeting. I learned so much from this meeting. That we give up our free agency when we decide to follow Satan. When we cross that line we are in his power and it is very difficult to get out. Someday I want to share with you my notes from that meeting. We could have an awesome discussion about it. But right now I don't have much time.
If the family is going to be amazing and send me a package for my birthday and Christmas I ask that you include fruitsnacks and natureplex musclerub from walmart. That stuff is so AMAZING!!! You could send 3 tubes and I wouldn't mind. I tried quail eggs the other day. They are actually very regular eggs.
Can you take a picture of the family and send it through email. I really just want to see you all. Is it bad that I still miss you all so much. I am trying really hard to not think of you but it is a very difficult task sometimes. You just tell me what helped you.
Sister Brittany Nichole Newman 

Well Brittany,
The best thing that I can tell you is get into the work. Work hard, focus on the work you are doing, don’t think about home things except on P-day then you can write letters and do other work to prepare for the following week. We love you and always will love you, we will send letters which we have and emails and care packages, relish these things when you get them but don’t make it your main focus. The time you have left out in the Philippines is short compared to how long your life has been and the time you will be able to spend with us when you get home. Strictly obey all the mission rules, obey the commandments, love the people as much as you love your family here on earth. I know it is hard to not get mail and email every day, but your mission is not about the communication with us; it is about communicating the truth and testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Redeemer. I know you have a testimony of this, share it as best you can. Remember when you have disappointments like investigators that decide not to be baptized, it is ultimately their choice and we need to respect that, but never stop praying for them. You are planting seeds of truth whenever you teach or bear testimony, and while you may not always see them come to fruit the seed is planted and will someday come to fruit for those who are prepared.
Your new companion sounds wonderful; do you get along well? Do you have flooding in this new area? Do you have a ward or branch? How far are you away from the temple? Well there are a few questions for you, now about what else is going on here. Grammie decided not to have the ramp built for Grandpa. We may be going up there for conference, we will see how it all goes. I think moving will be good for our family so we've decided to do it. Lilly is watching Annette’s boys before she starts school on the 15th of Oct. McKayla is doing pretty good in school and will be having Christmas concerts soon. Nathan is doing good in school, he loves science, but it is still difficult to get him to do his math. Kristina is having a tuff time with her accounting class but her test scores are still real good.
 Mom got into the Timpanogos Coral and is enjoying it a lot. We are busy with work, mom finished her real-estate license last week and has already shown a house with Brad. Christmas this year will be quite different from past years because, we are getting a house and increasing our rent, so close to it. We will probably buy paint for the kids rooms, in the colors they want of course. Also we will need to paint the front room with an accent wall probably red or brown. We will need to clean the kitchen and bathrooms real good too. The first place that needs to be real clean is the house we are in now. I got a cortisone shot in my knee today, it is Wednesday now by the way. It is seeming to help so far. J Well we got our membership to the Fitness Center and we have been every day since. I have already lost about 10 pounds. J I think this will be very good for our family. I love you tons be good ttyl.
Love Daddy

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