Monday, October 1, 2012

Family and Friends,
    The baptism that was suppose to happen this coming Saturday is not going to happen.  The young man who felt the spirit so strongly and was so ready to take this step decided that he doesn't want to risk having his allowance taken away so he just wants to have bible study with us.  But the reason I used that subject title is because the first thing he told us was that he prayed to have a dream and remember it in the morning and it didn't happen so this must not be true.  But he already had his answer, he told us he did before.  Elder Jeffery R Holland advises us not to doubt the answers we have received from heaven when life gets hard.  I hope that each of you will always remember that.  Sometimes our memories act like a shrinky dink when sitting in the oven to long.  They shrink and contort.  And sometimes they begin to mean less and less as time goes by.  Like in 3 nephi when the people forgot the signs, or they decided they couldn't really mean what they thought they meant.  Don't be fooled by that trickster.  That father of ALL lies.  You make sure to remember and write down those answers and impressions you receive.  The more you write them down the more you will recognize and receive them.  Be watchful.
    Now that I have gotten the sad issue out of the way let me tell you about the Roque family.  They are so amazing and very excited for their baptism on the 20th.  We are excited for them too.  We have seen how they are changing and love watching them gain these beautiful new testimonies.  It is incredible!  I believe this is a family of finishers, and that is what God needs.  "Finishers Wanted"  (Look it up.  It is by President Monson and it kept me moving this week.  You can bet your little Christmas cookies I am going to be a finisher.)
    We missed being tour guides at the temple because I got sick.  I have been sick my whole stay, but sometimes it is worse than others.  It was sad because I love temple tour and we were going to be at the temple recommend station and I firmly believe that worthily holding a temple recommend is one way of knowing you are on the right path.
     Yesterday I wore my red dress and got my happy birthday wishes again, but the best part was when we were walking to catch a jeep and this kid on a bike speed up really fast and as he road past he slowed down and yelled, "SEXY LAAAAAAAADDDDDDDAY!"  I laugh so hard, but I had to include this, number one, because it was so funny and, number two, let it be known that I got called or Sister de la Cruz.  She is pretty cute.  Maybe he has a huge crush on her.  oh well, a girl can hope.
      TAPOS!  On one of our visits this week we met the brother to one of our less actives and he has downs syndrome.  And he keep touching my hair during the lesson, but I was trying so hard to focus.  Then he would start talking to me so I did what Sister de la Cruz did ,"Shhhh. mamaya."  Just fine right?  WRONG!  Turning out he was asking me if I would go on a date with him to SM(mall) and I told him to shhh and later.  And I was only told after we left.  Oh dear.  Then on Sunday when they made me sit on the stand and bear my testimony he came up and started playing with my hair.  I told him to stop and go sit down, but he wouldn't listen to me, the 2nd counselor had to help me.  This boy is a sweetheart, but it interrupted the meeting and I felt bad.
      I implore you all to read the talk "The Purifying Power of the Atonement"  Even if you have read it before.  Read it again.  Study it.  Soak in its goodness.  You will be glad you did.
     Have a great week and everybody work hard!
Sister Brittany Nichole Newman  

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