Sunday, November 25, 2012

weekly bad boy of goodness aka the weekly email

 Sorry you will be getting your Christmas cards early the way the mail is set up is a joke I can either send it Wednesday or at transfers and if I send it at transfers I risk it not getting there in time, so just have patience and don't open them till Christmas. I hope you enjoy them. I have hand cramps now. I am excited to skype with everybody! WOOHOO.

Not much has happened except I made an awesome Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday.
I am kinda amazing now. And I accidentally told our recent converts that we eat lamok (mosquitoes) instead of manok (chicken) We have been laughing about it every since. And I am still so embarrassed.
Temple Tour was awesome. I always get so nervous and then I realize there is not a single reason to be afraid. I just need to have fun and love these people for coming to visit the house of the Lord and my mouth will be filled with the words I need to speak. It was filled, and it was so fun. I was in the shade most of the time we were there, but when we got back, just on our walk home I got a sunburn because BALIUAG IS SO HOT!!! And the sun just sears down on us. It is ridiculous.
I will send pics because this email is so short, but just know I love you all. You are great! The gospel is true and there is nothing in the whole world like the experience of being a missionary. A representative of Jesus Christ.

Sister Brittany Nichole Newman

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