Sunday, May 6, 2012

Letter home May 6, 2012

So Nathan now holds the priesthood huh?  That ispretty awesome! I love you and miss you much.  We are going to the fireside soon. That should be good. I got a blessing to help me through the next week. I was told to remember that the Lord walks with me every step of the way.
I love the gospel. I love the Lord's mercy. I love my family, and I have a testimony of the truth.
May 8
I love devotional. We have to write a baptism for Sunday. We never know if we are going to be chosen until after the Sacrament so we have to be prepared.
How is Nathan liking being a priesthood holder? He will pass the sacrament this Sunday, won't he? that is so cool!
We teach 2 investigators now. (our 2 teachers) We can't use notes. We are learning to struggle. When you struggle you become worthy for the gift of tongues. Well. . . We are struggling! Our new teacher, Brother Trebas, laughs at me when I get frustrated because I act so weird. You know me. Funny story! We had to teach him yesterday night and the Elders that were supposed to go before us were called to the travel office. Oh man, it was going to be us. . . until my dear sweet companion was also called to the travel office. I raised my hands to heaven and whispered with a blowhorn, "thank you! I believe!" and Brother Trebas lost it. He was laughing so hard it was hilarious. I had to sit on the stairs to stop my laughing. I tell you what, that built my testimony. As sinful as it is to say that. We did teach him and it wasn't very good, but we will keep working hard.
I got flash cards today to be able to study more. Hopefully I start getting things. Last night after teaching I decided that the small, one lady bathroom with the lights off is my new sacred grove. I can hide in there for 5 minutes, pray, and calm down with the assurance that the church is still true. No matter what happens, this is the true church. The Lord is here, I am not alone, and none of you are either.
I pray for you always and would love to hear from all of you.
Mahal Kita,
Sister Newman

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