Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A card from our girl.

Dear Aunt Rachel, Uncle Brian, Cameron, & Thomas,
 Oh, she is so cute! I love her already!!!

Dear mom,
  Don't worry mom, I got the shoes. I am telling you it just takes forever for things to get here but it is the only way because I can't pay 4,000 pisos for a package set speedy delivery. Anyway. Hopefully I will get some pictures up this time. I love the pictures you sent me of that cute girl. Cameron looks like the perfect big brother. They are both going to have so much fun with a baby sister and she has two very awesome parents that is for sure. Our new investigator had her baby on Saturday. A cute little boy. He is just darling and she has lots of sisters to help with him. Her husband feels a bit overwhelmed by it, but he loves his son so much and wants to be the best dad he can be.
Please send me as much snail mail as possible. I need them desperately. I am transferring to a new area tomorrow and I fear I am going to need some uplifts sometimes. You know me and change...and some of you know me and drinking fountains. Be assured that those will not be a problem for me here. What is a problem is that this week our drain in the shower...area... was spitting up nasty sewer junk and ...rice...we hardly ever eat rice, and when we do we don't dump it down the drain! Needless to say the three sisters who are staying in this area are going to be moving fairly soon after I do.
We had a lesson with the Pascual family. I wanted to cry. They sang I am a Child of God so loud and with their whole hearts. They really are children of God and I have never been so grateful for my circumstances ever before in my entire life. Then we walked out of Look2 and oh my heavens why didn't we do that before? It was absolutely breath taking. If any of my family came here I would take them to walk down that road. That was incredible.
I watched the O holy night dvd that I had mom send to me. I encourage each of you who have it to watch it as a family and remember your Savior. Not just on Christmas and Easter, but remember Him everyday. Be like the stripling warriors and be quick and strict in the remembrance of the Lord your God. And if you need a reminder of that story you should read Alma 53 and 56-58. Amazing sila!
Speaking of the Book of Mormon and being in Alma I just want to admit that I am really crushing on Captain Moroni. I think it is a righteous crush, but Sister Bird laughs at me whenever I mention something about him. But he is so INCREDIBLE! I love his example and that is the type of person I want to become and whoever I marry needs to have those qualities. Don't worry! I am not thinking about getting married right now. I am a missionary right now, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't getting ready for who I want to become. That is a very righteous desire. And he is just so amazing.
Ok I have tried several times to put pics on but the computer won't let me so I am sorry that it is being silly. Another week without pictures.
I went on exchanges to Sister Wingers area. It was so fun. I felt like I knew the people and it was so fun to get to know them and teach them. I was tongue tied a lot but that happens to me a lot so it wasn't a big deal. But it was just so cool. It kinda showed me what it would be like in a new area.
Church this week made me want to cry. It was so sad how few people were there. It hurt my heart. We worked so hard! People have free agency and that is part of Heavenly Fathers plan, but sometimes the things they choose really hurts other people. I can promise you with assurity that your actions never effect just you. Never.
So, we were talking the other night and Sister Bird asked what I thought when I first saw her. Before I knew she was my trainer. I told her, "I saw all these filipina's and I was so scared. Then I saw this big brown curly hair on this American, and I thought she was someone I would need to know. And I wanted her to be my trainer. My prayer was answered." I asked her what she thought when she saw me. I was the only new sister and she knew she was training me. She got red in the cheeks and said, "Truthfully? I am embarrassed....I thought. 'Oh great, how are we going to ride in trycs?!" I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to wet myself. She told me to stop and said she wished she hadn't told me. She said, "I was really worried! We were opening an area and I didn't know how we would fit!" That just made me laugh more. It might not make you laugh, but we have had some pretty memorable experiences on trycs.
I think that is pretty much all I have to say. You will know who my new companion is next Monday. I love you all and want you to smile and put your whole trust in the arm of the Lord. He is the only way. Trusting in people will only bring you heartbreak and where will you go when they are gone? No where. Trust your Heavenly Father and your Savior. They will never fail you. I testify that God fulfills ALL His promises.
Have a good week my friends.

Sister Brittany Nichole Newman

Sarah Jo, this is for you:
I thought of you while writing about my righteous crush on Captain Moroni and thought to myself, he could never write a book about how to offend women in 5 syllables or less.  He wouldn't know how.  Then I thought that would sound a little too intense and then I thought who cares so I had my mom add it anyway.  Go figure.

This card came with a really nice personal letter. Brittany is doing well. She should have her 1st transfer over now. I'm hoping to hear where she is soon. I will let you all know when I get any news.

email to her daddy:

 DADDY!!!!! I was totally serious about doing those things with you! Thank you for this long email. I love it! You are amazing. I will so go with you to work out in the morning, it will be hard but so good for us. Don't you worry I got the shoes, in fact I am going to send pictures of them. They are great and it is so nice to not have to worry about buying a new pair every week. I look frumpy but I look frumpie everyday. So what ever. I didn't know Lilly was going to do CNA school. That will be good for her. Is she wanting to do nursing stuff?
Tell Grammie and Grandpa I love them and I hope that the ramp you build them works out nicely. It will be good for Gpa to be able to get out and get fresh air. And they could maybe go on walks together to get exercise and to just talk with each other. It would be good dating time.
Sorry you aren't moving, but when it is time it will work out. Sorry that my car is ridiculous. I am pretty sure she might not make it to when I get home. But we will work with what we have to work with. She has been a great car, and as long as she is still good keep using her.
I am glad you sent me Kristina's address. I will send her letters eventually. I am excited to get the next package, but it might be awhile because I am transferring to a new area tomorrow and I don't know where. I don't know if they will have mail run this coming week or in October. But whatever happens I know it will work out just fine. Man! I sound like a Philippina. They don't worry about how it will happen they just go with it when it comes, which can be both good and bad.
Sorry this email is going to be so short but I have others to write and I still have to pack my bags. Could this day get anymore rushed? I love you daddy. I am glad you are healthy and I am excited to see you again soon. I almost have only a year left. That is so weird. I will serve my very best because I have a dad who taught me how to give my all and to love with my whole heart.

I LOVE YOU!!!! Sister Brittany Nichole Newman

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