Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I still have not had a bad day yet.  Hard, hot, frustrating, somewhat intimidating days, but not a bad day.  And I have seen the hand of the Lord working with us day to day.  I am still learning how to trust and follow the spirit, and of course I still have many problems with the language.  But my companion, Sister Bird, keeps reminding me not to compare myself to anyone else and to remember that I have only been here 3 weeks.  Miracles do happen, but what I know right now is a miracle in and of it's self.  I am tired all the time and I miss home a lot still, but when we get to go out and teach I don't miss it so much.  So that is good.  But I was sick yesterday.  And I thought I could go out, but Sister Bird said you don't go out in the Philippines with sick stomach, even if you took imodium.  That made me very sad to stay home, when I am worrying about all our people.  We have a great ward.  It is so wonderful how nice each person is.  I may not like how loud it gets, but I sure do enjoy their company, and the fact that they are so patient with me.
   Today we went to the temple to do a session.  It was so great.  I feel the most at home in the temple.  Being in the celestial room puts everything in perspective.  I felt so good, even though we had to get up at 2 am to be there on time, it was so worth it.  I will forever be grateful that we have temples so close and that we have cars that we can drive anywhere in.  There are a lot of things I will always be grateful for after this experience.
  Carpet, cows milk, dishwashers, aircon, WASHING MACHINES!!!!  (I hate washing my clothes here), small bugs(not grateful but happy they aren't huge), real meat, and so many more.  Our house is a mansion compared to what these people live in.  Our Bishop lives in a squatter, and he is one of the best most humble men I know. 
   I am staying hydrated and I am doing my best.  I cry everyday, but I did that at home too, so no worries, I am just an emotional person I guess.  It freaks Sister Bird out bad.  She thought one day that I was debating whether or not I was going home.  I won't be coming home early unless I get extremely sick and they send me home otherwise I have work to do.(I found out today that one of my dear friends from the mtc went home because she got sick.  She said she regrets it, and I feel so sad for her.  That had to be a very hard decision and she was so excited and so ready to do this.)
  I am happy the boys got to spend Sunday with you. They are awesome boys.  Everybody sounds like they are haing a pretty decent summer.  Getting things done, and having fun too.  I am happy I got so many emails today.  They were very awesome to read.  Please pardon if I am sounding slow, I am so tired right now and I want to to go to sleep.  The fact that we need to eat asap has crossed my mind as well.  TEEHEE!  I am so happy things are going well.  I hope each day you think of funny times we had and laugh for me.  I love to laugh.
  We are teaching lots of people.  Our two pinakamahalaga teaching moments are with the Barredo kids, and Erwin Jagonay.  They should all be baptized oin August 4th.  We are way excited for them.  They have been waiting to be baptized.  I hope the members fellowship them.  Members are so important to missionary work.  And most of the time they don't even realize it.  New members need friends, and new members need a calling.  They need to feel as if they matter to the ward, and when they know they matter to the ward they know they matter to the Lord.  And they do.  We are each so important to Him.  Nothing happens by chance, there are people who are ready and some how we are finding them.  We had some less actives come on Sunday.  Not as many as we hoped for, but some is better than none.  I hope they felt the spirit of the meeting.  It was a good one.
   We has a really cool experience monday when we went to the house of less actives.  They weren't home so we went to their neighbor who we had taught on Saturday.  All her daughters had stayed home from school on the monday that we didn't have pday.  Coincidence? I think not.  That was Heavenly Father in His work.  They were so receptive.  They know what we are teaching them is truth and when we had one daughter pray at the end of the lesson she asked that we would continue to be able to take the truth to the world.  ASTIG!
   There have been many incredible experiences to be had here.  I am grateful to be here.  I am grateful for your prayers.  I feel them.  I want you to know that.  You are each a part of this work because of your faith in the Lord and your faith in His work.  Your faith in inadequate little me.  I love you.
  Make sure Sarah gets this email.  Sarah,  I love your emails, you are not wasting my time.  I pray for you, I am excited when you quote my favs.  I laughed hard out at the 52 out of 52.  that was too good.  You make me happy, and build my spirits.
  Family,  They said to tell you to send things through dearelder or regular mail.  They said it takes too long and is such a hasstle for you to send pouch.  So don't go though pouch anymore.  Just regular mail if you please.  Another thing.  I bought shoes here and they have worn through in just two weeks.  Sister bird says I should ask you to send me some sandals.  They are hiking sandals and we are allowed to use them for tracting. So if you could find some that would be awesome.  If not, I will just make do with the ones you sent to the mtc.  I can't wear my big ones because they give me open sores and I don't want a disease from the baha we face here sometimes.  Baha is flood water.
   I can't think of what else I wanted or needed to tell you all.  Just know I love you and pray for you.  You should get my letters soon.  We only give and recieve letters every other tuesday.  I hope this gets going faster.  Although.  It is crazy to think I have been here for three weeks.  BTW  How are my aunties babies coming.  Are they healthy and strong?
  Have a good week everybody.  Keep being amazing and always look for missionary opportunities, no matter what they are.  Remember that all the people you ever meet will one day know what you know, and they will know that you knew it.  Some food for thought.

Sister Brittany Nichole Newman
A beloved daughter of two wonderful earthly parents, and a daughter of God, the most high King. 

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