Monday, July 23, 2012

Week 4

She wasn't kidding when she said it was the rainy season!

I bet she's really glad for that awesome purple umbrella.

Washing our clothes is fun to do.

So now you have some pics, not many but enough for you to understand.  Things are great.  We traveled through this horrible rain after 4 hour church yesterday.  That was awful and we had to just turn around anyway because the lady's house was flooded and disgusting so she didn't want us to come.  But we were laughing and having fun anyway.  It was great.  We are teaching lots of people.  We got punted 12 times on friday though!  We walked and walked and walked and walked and nothing.  It was frustrating but we kept a possitive attitude.  We just laughed at how Satan was trying to discourage us but he would not win we were strong and heartache to heartache we stood.  It has flooded and rained like crazy.  The rains came down and the floods came up, but surprisingly I haven't cried in 6 days!!!  An all time record for me.  I love you and miss you all.  We are working hard here,  rain or shine. (to me it looks more like they work hard rain or rain)  I am learning how to teach the plan of salvation in Tagalog and it is difficult, but I feel my Savior's love so I am not getting too frustrated.  I am learning a lot and praying even more.  I found that being on a mission has made it so my capacity to love has increased.  I love you all so much more now.  I am so grateful for you and all you do.  You have made me who I am and I love you for it.
   I used my card at an atm for the first time today so I guess I will do that every month so it doesn't shut off my account.  I almost forgot my pin. That was worrisome, but I remembered it.  I took it out of checking and I will keep doing that so if you could just make sure there is money in checking.  I took out 1000 piso and it charges 2001 per withdrawl but I dont need too much personal money right now because I will buy suveniers closer to going home.  It is crazy how fast the days and weeks go by.  It feels like I just barely emailed and now I am doing it again.  Sister Bird says I need to tell you that no news is good news.  It means we are stuck at home because of a typhoon.  It is now really rainy season so it is bound to happen but I will get something to you eventually. 
   I am sending letters in mail run tomorrow so look forward to recieving them in like 2 or 3 weeks.  Heck by the time you recieve some of my letters I will be so close to coming home.  I have decided that I will come home October 3.  My mission started in the middle of a transfer so I get to pick between oct and nov.  I choose oct right now, and I don't think it will change.  I have to figure out how I am going to email president without the period button.  Oi!  But I am trying to think of things from this week.
   We had two visitors in our room on Friday a roach and a giant yellow moth.  Sister Bird took right care of those bad boys.  I really could go tracting on those roaches, they are so GROSS!  But the moth was like pooping on our wall so we had to clean that up too.
  We might have to become a trisome if sister Dennis stays sick like she has been,  She throws up almost everyday and we don't know why but we think it is from her Celiac disease.
  I think I am going to go now.  I love you all so much.  I will keep working hard and praying for you always.  I feel your prayers and I am so grateful for them.  Smile often, we are so blessed to live where we live and with whom we live.  We are blessed to be able to sit on our toilets and be able to drive to the temple.  We need to do our home and visiting teaching with joy.  Make them feel needed so they stay in the gospel.  Heavenly Father and Jesus Love you.  They are in this work.  I see it every day.  I love you more than you know.  I cant wait for picks. I will resend the email with the po box address.

Love Sister Brittany Nichole Newman


  1. Brittany,I love all the posts and pictures! I'm sure glad that doing laundry is a bit simpler here! And in the rain you almost have a 7-peaks experience! Soak in all the wonderful events for you are forming some mighty strong heartfelt lessons from your mission experiences! Way to go!
    love you tons!

  2. I have to add that the pictures give the phrase, "soaking your feet" a whole new meaning! Ha Ha Tee hee