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Letter home July 18, 2012

July 18, 2012

Pamilya ko,

I hope things are still going well. I just wrote you all a pretty decent sized email this morning so I don’t know what else to say other than to remind you once again that I love you. I love you so much I could just pinch your fat little cheeks off! Oh my. . .

Well. . . We teach lots of cool people. One guy named Rodrigo is deaf so Sister Bird is working on remembering her sign language from high school. He is great! Very spiritual. He loves the gospel. He likes to exercise a lot. He has a bunch of really old yucky equipment in his house & he has a sign that says it is a gym open weekdays 9 – 4. I don’t know who comes, but he loves it so, that’s awesome.

We teach a ton of less actives, but so far we haven’t had too much luck getting them to come to church. We will keep working and praying though.

Every day is so hot! I stink all the time. It is embarrassing and gross. I feel bad for the people we visit some days because I am just drenched in my own nastiness. Yuck!

It is supposed to be rainy season. . .he he. LIES! It rained really bad twice and we had to walk through nasty baha with who knows what living inside. Ew! Heck! We even had to hike up our underwear but I can promise you we have had some good laughs about it that is for sure. I have seen marami himala araw-araw, that’s for sure.

We have really great members here. Sister Lomie reminds me a lot of mom. She is so sweet & kind & has such a strong testimony. I love her very much. She is very patient with my Tagalog. She made us a very yummy dinner on July 10th. Plus, I got to share a spiritual message with her.

Also on Tuesday I got 3 letters. 1 from mom,, 1 from Bishop Warner, and 1 from the Sister Montgomery (who I found out today has already gone home). But they gave  me much needed laughs & strength.

Sister Bird has one speed and that is fast. So when we work with members she almost dies with how slow we have to walk. It makes me giggle when she gets that “AynaKo” look on her face.

I loved going to the follow up training last Thursday. My Mission Pres. & his wife are so great. I feel their love for me just being around them. It was so cool to learn from them both and to know that I am doing ok. That the other new missionaries are in the same boat I am in.

You wouldn’t believe how young people start smoking here. It is insane I tell you. Cigarettes are so cheap & you can get them anywhere so it is no wonder, but I wish they could understand how much it is actually hurting them. It is a very dumb choice.

I can’t remember if I told you the story of teaching the children a few weeks ago. Sister Bird had this cool experience in her 2nd area. She & her companion got to teach this group of children. Well, I wanted an experience like that so I prayed for it and it happened later that day. We were just supposed to teach 2 boys but all their neighbors came & we taught them all. It was so cool. My prayers are being answered left and right. It is incredible!

One thing I have learned is that if you have the faith & desire nothing can keep you from coming to church. These inactive members have no excuses for me because I have seen what our active members do to get there.

An elder in our district (who goes home the end of August)is very baby hungry. He hates the fact that we can’t hold kids almost more than I do.

My favorite person here is probably Tatay Antonio. He is a very old man who wants to die. He says he is ready to meet his maker. We want him to follow the Word of wisdom before he meets his maker. That would be good. Other than that fault he reminds me a lot of Great Grandpa. He works hard every day. He likes to tease me and make me laugh. He is just a very nice man who lobes God and wants to be ready to go home to his Father in Heaven.

There was a great big band that came down the street one night following a newly wedded couple. Then they came back at 6 am the next morning to wake them up.


Sister Bird was mad that they woke her up & she said, “What!? Are they celebrating the fact that she isn’t a virgin anymore? Well, duh! As if it isn’t awkward enough!”

So I think that is about it. Oh, Sister Bird is from Erda (by Tooele), is 22 years old, b-day Sept. 23 (the day before Kristina). Her favorite sport is basketball. She is a twin. She goes to Utah State (Go Aggies!) so Kristina can look her up in January.

I love your faces!


Sister Brittany Nichole Newman

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