Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Week 7

Dear Friends and Family,
   These past two weeks have been crazy.  There were days we were punted none stop.  There were days when there wasn't enough time to get to everyone.  We found a Less Active we have been searching for, for weeks and we got a new investigator through it too.  There hasn't been an email in a while because we got stuck in our apartment because of rain and floods.  Then we were rescued by the AP's that came to pick Sister Dennis up to go home.  We waded through waist deep water with suitcases on our heads to get to where they were able to park the car.  Then they took us to the mission home.  People kept saying Its more fun in the Philippines,  We responded with its more flood in the Philippines.  They laughed and we are sure we are on facebook a billion times. 
   At the mission home we felt like an unwanted burden at first, but when there were 13 new missionaries and Sister Cheri couldn't come to help with food, Sister Sperry was very grateful for our assistance and we were more than grateful to help her cook and bake.  President and Sister Sperry told us stories of how they met and their home life before coming to the Philippines.  It was way cool to get to know them better.

    We got to come home on Friday.  On Sunday we were able to teach a sister in Balite who is so ready for the gospel in her life.  We are way excited.  And also on Sunday, I talked more to people than I ever have before.  It was so fun to just BRT on the streets and teach people about our unique message.
   I really don't know what else to write today.  Except that my first transfer is over now, but we still have a house of Americans.  We celebrated Sister Westover's birthday.  I got some cool souvenirs.  Part of the Palengke burnt down the night after we were there and on one Friday, the sisters locked us in our house, so we couldn't go out.  That was crazy, but I know the Lord works in mysterious ways and we needed to not go out.
   Well, that is all for now, I am going to make you wait for my letter to hear the really cool story.  Know that I love you and we need to all continue to work hard.
   Thank you Grandma for the email. I hope you and grandpa both heal well and tell those boys that they are so funny.  I love it when they have fun together.  I miss them.  I miss you all.  Have a good day and do whats right.
Mom, if you haven't sent the package yet will you put the dvd o holy night in.  I really think it would be a good thing to have here.  If not don't worry about it.


Sister Brittany Nichole Newman 

P.S. I am going to speak about the Lord's will on Sunday

Eating rambutan fruit.

This reminds me of Grandma and Grandpa Pratt pictures from the Gilbert Islands!

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  1. We just love all the posts and pictures! Wonderful works worthy of doing and building so many great memories for so many people!