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Letter to mom July 23, 2012

July 23, 2012


Hey pretty lady! I miss you but I am doing very well. I haven’t cried in 6 days. You should be proud. But you already know that from my email. It is weird to think that you won’t be getting this for a few weeks. That by the time you do get it, you might have forgotten what was said in the email. Oh well!

This week has been awesome. I got sick on Tuesday and that was rotten and hard, but Wednesday I got to go to the temple. Did you ever think your name would be on the prayer roll of the Manila, Philippines temple? (Which isn’t even located in Manila, but in Quezon City).

The temple is my all-time favorite place to be in the whole world. It always calms my heart and helps me see more clearly. I love the feeling of knowing Heavenly Father loves me for doing the best I  can. I can feel that love in the temple.

Thursday we had zone interviews with President Sperry. President and Sister Sperry love me like you do, mom. I can feel it when they are near. They want the very best for me and they are happy with my efforts.

After that we went to work, but had to come home because Sister Dennis was sick, but they had 2 very important appointments that needed to be gone to. So we went to this little store to buy Gatorade and while there we got to place a Book of Mormon with a man who seemed very curious about our religion and why Americans would willingly come to live to preach in the Philippines. So we bore testimony.

Then we were almost home when we stopped a man selling bread on his bike. Sister Bird wanted a coconut bun. We found out he has been inactive for 7 years. He is from our ward and used to be a stake missionary. Coincidence? I think not! Friday was a day where no matter where we went people either didn’t want to talk to us, were asleep, pretended to not be home, really weren’t home, or had their friends lie to us. Sister Bird said “Ayna Ko! I have never been lied to so many times in my life. This is ridiculous! We saw them in there, do they think we’re blind?!” Well, we just had to laugh. It was hot & we walked for pretty much six hours straight. It was tough & fun. He never said it would be easy. This is the test, which reminds me, that song has been stuck in  my head so if you ever decided to send a package, a CD with you singing that song would be the best gift ever. That song makes me sad and happy at the same time.

Saturday morning we were doing personal study when the rains came down and the floods came up. Way, WAY up! We decided to companion study to see if it would die down. Nope, not really. But we went to work anyway. We walked through nasty flood water.

A total of 2 lessons were taught. 1 to the Barredo kids & their mom. Faith & repentance. They are great, but need to do their reading assignments so they really get it.

The second was to Maricel who needs a birth certificate so she can get married and her and her husband can get baptized.

Then I had kamote gue which is sweet potato on a stick. You would die. It is a sin. It tastes so yummy! Sister Bird says I am crazy. She likes banana que which is fried banana on  a stick. But the bananas are so different from home. They are so tasty. But I like kamote better.

Afterwards we went to a baptism from the Elders part of the area. It was really cool. He was very scared about going under the water. I really prayed for him to have the comfort he needed to be able to do it. That was cool.

Sunday was ward conference and it went for 4 hours. Holy cow! I will forever. Share this with dad and because yours has most of the stuff I did in it. You can both enjoy it together. I want a hug from you. I miss your hugs and advice so much. I will not take you for granted mommy. You are my hero and I am glad you are mine. I needed you to be my mommy. Keep working hard. You can do the real estate stuff. I know you can do it. I pray for you every day. My heart is full of love for you. I can’t wait to get home to say it to you and show you how much I mean it. And by the time you get this I will be that much closer to going home.


Sister Brittany Nichole Newman

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