Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cute girls!


Sounds like things are way busy around there.  I can't believe they (Kristina, Nathan, & McKayla) have already started school.  I know what you mean when you say the days drag but the weeks fly.  That is a truth I have learned very well.  Being completely honest, there are some days that fly by and I wish they didn't.  Like Mondays.  But I know that Monday will always come again.  I was so excited when I saw I had an email from you in my inbox.

  I am working on exercising more too.  How about we just surprise each other with how awesome we both look after my mission. Wouldn't that be so awesome?  We can both work on eating right and exercise.  For me, I have to stop buying creamo's.   They are like oreo's and I am addicted to having them with peanut butter.  Naughty I know.  I will stop..  (I am going to try to put some pics on here.  Will you give them to mom to put on the blog?)

  So yesterday I thought of you when I read Sister Daltons talk, "Love Her Mother".  It talks about how dad's need to be the examples of what their daughters need to look for.  How dad's need to be worthy of their priesthood, and to bless and protect their families.  Thank you for being that kind of dad for me.  You should read this talk it is really good.  I think you would really like it.  It almost made me cry.

  I know things are way busy and that you aren't a big fan of typing up emails, so thank you for sending this one.  I love it.  I love you very much.  When I get home we are going to have to go on drives together so we can talk, and you are going to have to take me fishing and shooting.  Ok?  I really want to do that.  Have a good week, daddy.  Stand tall and be strong.

Love your daughter,
 Sister Brittany Nichole Newman

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